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The Secret Behind Spiritfruit and Dartmouth Pong

The game of beer pong has been around a long time.  Legendary in college houses and at backyard bbq’s, beer pong is a game that all want to play, but few know how to master.  

But, what if we told you that from the quaint ivy clad campus of Dartmouth College an even more intense, more competitive, and more skill crushing form of your favorite drinking game exists and has a secret tie to the Spiritfruit beginnings that nobody saw coming?

That game is Dartmouth Pong and Spiritfruit founder Caitlin Morris lent a little insight into this new way to play.

How it all started 

While every college claims to be the origin of Beirut (a fancier name for beer bong), it was D1 Dartmouth that took it to a whole other level.  “It may sound the same just in the name,” says Caitlin, a Dartmouth College soccer team alumni.  “But, it’s not,” she adds. “It takes different skill and strategy.”  It was during Caitlin’s reign as Dartmouth Pong Champion (okay, fine we made that up) that the spirit of Spiritfruit started, sorta.  “While everyone was playing with beer, I played with vodka sodas.  I was on to something."

How to play

Getting ready to play Dartmouth Pong takes a more prep work and equipment than traditional beer pong.  So, if you want to give this new game a try, start with the necessities. 

What you’ll need:

  • a spacious place to play
  • a flat, table-like surface with with a horizontal divider in the middle
  • a collection of ping pong balls (they disappear easily)
  • handle-less ping pong paddles (break ‘em off, if ya gotta)
  • 16 oz plastic “keg cups”
  • Variety Packs of Spiritfruit...or drink of choice
  • focus, the right attitude, and a desire to win

Set-up, rules and strategy:

Dartmouth Pong is a little complicated to explain.  So, we're going to let The Dartmouth, Dartmouth College's news outlet, teach you how to play in this video.

Let us know how your first attempt goes and don't forget to enter the Spiritfruit Summer Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Spirited Summer Pack - complete with inflatable beer pong with custom neon cups, a variety case of Spiritfruit, and more!