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Spirited Sherbert Punch

Nothing goes with summer better than cocktails and cookouts.  Want to add even more spirit to your summertime soirée?  Serve up this Spiritfruit Sherbet Punch - sure to be a big hit at any party and gathering. 

What You’ll Need:

  • 10qt. (average) punch bowl - can be plastic or glass
  • 4 four packs of Spiritfruit Clementine vodka soda
  • 1 container of frozen sherbert (orange suggested but any flavor or brand can work)
  • 5 or so fresh clementines, sliced into thin circular garnishes

How to Make (24 servings):

  1. Open and pour the Spiritfruit Clementine vodka soda cans into the punch bowl
  2. JUST BEFORE SERVING Add 6 or so scoops of sherbet.  The sherbert keeps the punch cold. You don’t want it to sit too long before guests arrive. 
  3. Add some of the clementine slices to float in the punch, and keep some to garnish each serving
  4. Ladle punch into cups, garnish with a clementine slice, serve and ENJOY!

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